Everyone loves a good Christmas story. Writer and attorney John Philip McCarthy and Boathouse Entertainment present Horace Helfin's Holiday Home, a heart-warming, rambunctious fantasy with an unforgettable protagonist and a surprising twist. A blend of action-adventure episodes, slapstick comedy, and poignant themes of friendship, love and loss, the novel offers the kind of delightful, wholesome entertainment one associates with a good Walt Disney movie.

In just a few days it will be Christmas and Sally Connors will turn nine years old. Sally has a secret wish she discloses only to Santa. Her parents, John and Amanda are separated, and life seems disappointing... until a mysterious orphan boy named Horace Helfin, who suffers from a strange malady and speaks only in rhyme except when angry or sad, comes into their lives and changes them forever. Horace proves to be a wonderful companion, despite the fact that he is a living terror, effortlessly generating havoc and chaos wherever he goes. His cyclonic presence disrupts the complacency of the Connors' lives and leads to a whole series of hilarious misadventures. But when Sally suffers a serious accident, Horace seemingly sacrifices everything to save her...

Horace Helfin's Holiday Home exemplifies the wondrous, innocent, big-hearted spirit of the Christmas season. Suspenseful and captivating, by turns comic and serious, it's a delightful holiday fantasy that will entertain the whole family.

A great gift for yourself and others.


Perfect Paperback: 256 pages: $13.99 Available at AMAZON, BARNES & NOBLE, BORDERS and local bookstores.

EBook available on the Kindle and the Nook.



It's Halloween, and Sally Connors and Horace Helfin are back in another adventure to fight evil forces in Somertown. As the festivities begin, the wicked Goblin King, a creature from a faraway place, is determined to destroy Horace. He casts a spell that turns people into zombie-like drones and fills the sky with awful gargoyles. It's up to Horace and Sally to lead the charge and defeat the curious creatures and spooky stalkers now inhabiting Somertown.

Joined by Horace's apprentice elf Hector, Sally's best friends, and the faithful Rottweiler Baron Von Muncher, our heroes encounter strange predators from a strange land, fend off the vicious Feral Devil, and battle the deadly Narcisserpent. With the powerful Goblin King's army surrounding them at every turn, Horace, Sally, and their friends will have to outwit the opposition if they are to defeat the dark spell holding Somertown captive.

Perfect Paperback: 200 pages $13.99 Illustrated by Paulette Bensignor

For Library and Bookstore Buyers: Available for order at BAKER & TAYLOR 800-775-1800

Contact Boathouse Entertainment: boathse@gmail.com

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