Horace Helfin's Horrifying Halloween

Posted By John McCarthy on 11/11/2012 at 12:00:00 AM

Horace Helfin's Horrifying Halloween is now in production. The second book in the Horace Helfin series continues the adventures of Horace and Sally Connors as Somertown is attacked by the evil Goblin King. Sally and her friends including Beth Ann Yamamoto, Rodney Washington Carver, Sammy Sanchez, Stanley Kramer and Jackie Chambers must save all the adults that have been turned into zombie-like slaves. Before the town can be saved they must defeat the Gargoyles, Earbees, Narcisserpent, Cephalablob and other strange creatures that have appeared in Somertown to aid the Goblin King and his shape shifting cat Miss Mephisto. I hope to have the E-Book available for the holiday season and the print version available in 2012. For this book Paulette Bensignor has provided fantastic cover art and illustrations.
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