About the Author

I want to tell stories. It is impossible to avoid.  Everyone tells stories.  We all love stories.  We are curious and want to know what happened.  Guess what happened to me at the grocery store?  What?  The world is a community of storytellers actively engaged on a daily basis.  I want to tell stories.  I want to tell interesting, creative and entertaining stories.

I was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Philadelphia is a great town for storytellers and stories and I have some in mind.  I went to Saint Bernard's grade school, Father Judge High School for boys and LaSalle University.  All of these educational institutions are religious and located in Philadelphia.  I can argue about the amount of influence that these schools had on me but life lessons were learned.  I finished my formal education by attending Temple University School of Law.  I tried to diversify my experience.  Temple was a state school but it was still in Philadelphia.

After my first year of law school I switched to the night program.  I worked at a litigation firm all day and went to school at night.  It was a tough schedule but I loved it.  I graduated, passed the bar exam and became a litigator.  Why did I love it?  As a litigation attorney I told stories.  From an auto accident to a massive antitrust price fixing conspiracy the questions are always the same.  What happened?  Who did it?  When?  Why?  How?  Was anybody hurt?  The facts were gathered and a story was told to a judge and jury.  A theme was interwoven with the facts because everyone wants the full story with motivations, intrigue and emotion.  If facts were missing these elements allowed them to fill in the gaps based on their own experience and knowledge.  They can do this because they have seen the story before.  We are all keen observers of the human condition.

For many years I have worked on complex antitrust and securities fraud class action cases.  I am now branching out to a new form of story telling.  Horace Helfin's Holiday Home is my first fiction book.  It was created because of my love for Christmas and a desire to tell a Christmas story that I would enjoy reading.  I fell in love with the characters and will continue on with a series.  I hope you enjoy the story.

John Philip McCarthy