Midwest Book Review- Reviewer's Choice (11/09)

The most peculiar of people can prove to be the most dedicated of all. "Horace Helfin's Holiday Home" tells the story of Sally and her family as they meet a strange orphan by the name of Horace Helfin. Peculiar in speech and how he acts, Sally is baffled by his behavior but finds him a good friend. She soon finds she has never been more right. "Horace Helfin's Holiday Home" is a touching story of good friendship and not judging a book by its cover.

Reader Views (11/09) by Leslie Granier

An excellent way to get into the spirit of the holiday season. Young readers will find this book funny and exciting- but an older audience will also enjoy experiencing the magic of the Christmas season that this book provides. "Horace Helfin's Holiday Home" is a fun book for the family to enjoy together.

Children's Literature (2/10) by Denise Daley

Is Horace really a sick young orphan, or are great miracles at work? There is a lot of action in this book as each new chapter tells another exciting story of greed, corruption or selfishness that is ultimately avenged. Still, the underlying message is one that will warm reader's hearts as goodness prevails and the true spirit of Christmas is celebrated.

Readers Favorite (7/10)

John McCarthy has created a delightful tale that will not only delight preteens, but is readable for adults as well. His characterizations are fresh and spontaneous and they suggest the best in the human condition. McCarthy has created believable dialogue and situations in which the young-at-heart will surely become engrossed. It is a page - turner which should hold children glued to their chairs.

This is a story of love, commitment, respect for others, and ongoing hope. It should appeal to a wide audience.,, (10/11)

I really loved this story. It is filled with action and very funny. Sally Connors is almost nine because she was born on Christmas. She is sad because her parents are separated. Her spirits are brightened when a strange orphan boy named Horace Helfin comes into her life. He only speaks in rhyme and is very active. Sally and Horace literally fight to keep the Christmas spirit alive by upsetting the plans of those that lost it. In the end Horace saves Sally and her family. This is a wonderful Christmas story.

Doc Kirby WTBF-AM/FM  Troy, AL  Book Bit (12/19/09) recommends Horace Helfin's Holiday Home.


2011 International Book Awards (5/11/11) Winner- Children's Fiction.

National Indie Excellence Awards 2010 (5/16/10)  Named Finalist in both Children's Fiction and Children's Cover Design.

Readers Favorite 2010 Book Awards (7/31/10) Named Finalist in both Pre-teen Fiction and General Fiction.

Readers Favorite 2010 Book Awards (9/1/10) Silver Medal winner in Children-Preteen category.

USA Book News "Best Books 2010" Awards (10/26/10) Finalist in Children's Fiction category.

KART Kids Book List 2010 (11/4/10) Selected and presented at South Jersey Children's Literary Festival.




Midwest Book Review- Children's Bookwatch (10/12)

Halloween is time for harmless fun, for Horace Helfin, it's another battle. "Horace Helfin's Horrifying Halloween" is a young adult novel following the magical elf as he has to fight against the Goblin King for Somertown. With a plot to turn the people of Somertown into zombies, Horace finds his own allies to fight back and free Somertown from his wrath for good. "Horace Helfin's Horrifying Halloween" is supported by illustrations from Paulette Bensignor to enhance the story, a grade A choice.


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